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Thursday, November 29, 2007

lessons: vodka + sanbiter + rj

rj says that yahoo email is just gay, and that he just hates using it. yahoo has become our home of spam, and i have to agree with him. basically it's become the email for all practical purposes what we used to do with hotmail. hotmail, meanwhile, has just become the dried up turd. sterile and really not very stimulating.
on an entirely unrelated note, skype is being liked all round. even donald likes skype. all the other chat bullshit is just way to goddam cheesy!

so if we had to put all these up into the fairfield context,
yahoo is like paradiso - the yuppie, yahoo thing. we want to love them, and the potatoes are great on sunday, but the rest of the experience you really don't want to have anything to do with.
2nd street is what we really want - a good dose of consistent mediocrity. but it's sort of like lycos/mailcity maybe. you're not completely annoyed, and it works pretty well. not a dive, and it has some personality. but you want to take a shower after you're done. it's like walking into archie bunker's place. or maybe mel's diner.
but it seems like in the grand coffee scheme of things we still await something on par with google.

so that's what we're in search of - the google of coffee places.

this is the sort of thing you end up discussing when you mix san pellegrino chinotto, sanbitter and ketel one.

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