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Friday, November 30, 2007

eia-wifi and tsa lurve

there are very few times - really - that i get to say this, but i do love iowa. yeah, it's way out in the middle of frikkin nowhere, but i'm able to blog this thanks to the excellent people at eastern iowa airport who provide for free, that's right FREE wifi access. (in the larger love, every rest-area along iowa highways also provide free wifi - ain't that just the best?!)

in more love news, the tsa folk at cedar rapids airport are damn nice. ok, to be completely accurate half of them are damn nice. the other half play bad-cop very well, and are just annoying. as usual our bags needed to get the anal probe thanks to the 30lbs of vitamins that jonii packed. then the security checkpoint anal probe coz i forget that i had 3 oz. of hair gel, toothpaste, and jonii had half a quart of kefir.

but on the kefir note - the tsa guy who probed jonii happened to be from a foreign country (i'll leave specifics out in case a tsa gestapo individual decides to check up on all this). and he loves kefir apparently and suggested that in future she say it's for medical purposes. excellent :-) i'm glad to know that the tsa agents are not completely moronic and brain-dead. the rules are hard enough, but to have to deal with stupidity would just cinch the cake.

anyway, more at the next stop, which will prolly be delhi.

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