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Monday, November 28, 2005

1000 words

jesus is pretty popular lately in chennai.

i never could figure out how the cross-o-philes figured the brown and black masses in the third world would fall for a blond-haired, light-skinned guy. i would have thought their marketing department would want to localize the brand and make images more like the natives. but i guess that's why they're running the world and i'm writing puny lame-ass blogs!

the good thing about india in general is that all the gods get their share of attention. the jesus-nuts are presently the ones on the big bandwagon, but that's just the fad of the season.
used to be the hindu's not that long ago. there's a massive parallel between the fear of marginalization by the hard-cord right in the USA and the hard-core right in india. they both represent the majority religious view, but feel that they're going to be swallowed up whole by the minority groups. i'd say the fear is at least slightly justified in india, since the jesus-freaks have so much more backing than anyone else. i love the religious phrases tho' - they're just so je ne sais quois!

one of my aunt's cooks' son is vijay - a kid with no fear.
he claims he's not afraid of any firecrackers, and goes around with a plastic pistol in a pink holster. i went over to my aunt's house, and ended up sitting outside having a conversation with this kid in my broken tamil and his hard colloquial dialect. i'm not sure how much we communicated, but i couldn't resist taking some pictures of him.


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