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Saturday, March 15, 2008


the ilugc [indian linux user's group, chennai] have been having perl programming sessions at the workplace. they've been progressively declining in terms of attendence, and progressively evolving in terms of the quality of presentation and focus of the attendees.

today i spent a lot of time describing my visions and aspirations - basically the ashok jhunjhunwala vision - to the attendees. trying to instill the vision and leadership that they need to contribute to society here. i was hoping to not have wasted my breath.

today one of the attendees at the end of the class said he was very glad to hear my insights because he had never thought about his programming career as having opportunities for the local population. he had only thought about programming for programming's sake. this person works for jhunjhunwala's company.

i'm thrilled that he gave me this feedback.
and sad that jhunjhunwala has not instilled the vision into his own employees.

but i have hope (outside of the usual gymkhana club stupidity, which i feel is going to crop up regularly until i leave india).


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