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Monday, March 10, 2008

duct tape - not so universal after all

ran into a cultural idioma problem 2 days back. there's no such thing as duct-tape in india. that's mainly because there's very little duct-work in india. why do you need duct-tape if you don't have duct-work, right?

obviously those familiar with the universal applicability of aforementioned tape will disagree with that statement. i mean we need duct-tape to build everything - and duct-work is just the least of it!

so anyhoots, there's no duct-tape in india, so what the heck do u use as an allegory when you standard issue "it's like duct-tape" just falls on blank stares? i'm stumped. i thought maybe fevicol or cello-tape, but it's just not the same, now is it?!

btw, just for the record, i'm no longer a fan of the duct-tape. i have joined the legions of hackers who have sworn allegiance to the gorilla vs the duck, and i'm not looking back (even at $8/roll, which is just crippling).


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