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Monday, September 18, 2006

Which way forth?

Don Carlos may be a crackpot, or may be on to something. The beauty of living in fairfield is that i'm actually exposed to this sort of thing, and in the 7+ years that I was in Chicago I never once came across a person that involved me in anything in remotely this weird! Anyway, Victor Sanchez's book "The Teachings of Don Carlos", has some experiments that I think I'm going to start trying out (lord help me!). A recent discussion amongst some limey friends of mine got me thinking that this might not be so bad an idea.

So, the "doing" that needs to be done? Walking backwards. Doing so on a regular basis may cause you to start "seeing things" according to one of the Jameses. Don't know what the heck that means, but that's why I've got to start on the path, eh?! And it falls right in step with the Aymara article that I blogged about a few weeks back.

The book is actually not that well received on Amazon's reviewings. In fact the negative feedback may make you stop and question whether there's more crackpot than guru to this dude. But if nothing else, walking backwards for a short time each day seems like an appropriately odd activity for this community.

On a related note, watching the looney-fest on the square during a recent Flapjaw concert brought home to me just how interesting Fairfield really is. It's hard to think that a small rThen it's a whole other world of madness, coz the net-connected universe out there can start looking in on this little community of weirdos and social innovators!ural community in the middle of no-where can be as interesting as this one. Unique does not begin to describe the whacked-ness, and that's probably why I'm actually enjoying being here right now. Some of this is pie-in-the-sky, but I'm *really* excited about what will happen when our weirdness spreads out into the collective ether once KRUU starts broadcasting.

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