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Monday, September 04, 2006

picture show

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omg, i'm now a pseudo professional photographer. yuh, really. my show on 9/1/06 went over fabulously well, to the point where i now have a head that's about the size of a county-fair prize-winning pumpkin. in fact, i've been going out on the street and picking fights with random individuals and challenging them to a shoot-out (with cameras, that is).

ok, enough silliness. the show had, i'd say, about 100 people walk through. the fact that most of the people had no idea that the event venue even existed (since it's in the alley behind the athome store) was even more of a boon, since that means they actually saw the sign out on the sandwich board on the street. i'd like to think that there was no-one shooing them through the store to the rear-exit, but maybe there was some of that going on as well (really, i don't know).

i don't really know if it was the cheez-its talking (and maybe that makes it a great idea for people to have cheez-its at gallery openings), but i got so many compliments about the prints that i had to seriously wonder if my dog (no i don't have a dog) had died and people were making me feel good. but the icing on the cake was that i actually sold some of these puppies. yes, it's unthinkable, but there you have it - i've made the transition from amateur hack to world-famous gliterati. [now would be the time to start getting me booked for the next episode of up-and-coming stars in the entertainment industry!].

there are some interesting questions that came up tho', which i'll detail and leave the pondering for another time:
* do you tell people that the pics are for sale when doing a showing of this sort (i opted not to, unless they asked)
* do you do a slightly hard-sell if people are interested in the prints? (i opted not to, since i figured they should be left alone)
* do you actually sell the pictures off the wall if there's interest (i chose not to, and requested that the purchaser contact me the next day to pick up the prints, for a few reasons)
* do you take the money right there? (i chose not to since i was not handing over the print, and had no way to generate receipts)

given my expert-ness at this whole photo exhibition and sale gig, you'll see how experlly i managed the entire process up there. maybe there are some lessons to be learned for the next time this transpires (dja think?!)


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