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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A leap in time

I wanted to go back and edit my posts of several months back, so that things would be more chronological, and have more detail than they currently do. Instead I've opted to move forward. I may recount some of my experiences during the travel of the past few months, but i'm not putting any kind of timeline or pressure or promise on it. There are two reasons: i'm just monumentally lazy and procrastinative (huh?), so my making any kind of promise is really meaningless; and second i think it might be more interesting to leave this documenting process organic.

Today I read about the Aymara people of Peru and their non-conventional relationship to time. Most cultures in the world consider the past to be behind them and the future ahead - this is reflected in the obvious semantics of the statement. We tend to consider ourselves in a linear trajectory with the future up ahead of us. The Aymara consider this to be opposite. In thinking about this it's obvious that they're right. The future is what we're unaware of. What's ahead of us is what we can see. We are culturally hindsight-driven, rather than foresight driven. We're always told to consider our past actions carefully when dealing with potential future acts. But in terms of pure visibility, the future is what comes at us from behind - we can anticipate to some degree, in much the same way as we might mostly traverse a path going backwards. However, what's really visible to us in order to make our decisions is what's in front of us - our past. I wonder if this change in relationship to time will make a difference in any way, or if it's purely intellectual.

On the life front - I have finally decided that moving to nyc would be a nice thing to do. I feel more inspired to do something new after being there. I obviously will need a lot more money than I have, but then again, why should that be a stumbling block at all?! I think that there needs to be at least an initial foray into revenue generation in the near term (i.e., i need to go back to being a grunt for the Man). But in the not too distant future nyc beckons.


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