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Monday, October 31, 2005

Kali Puja [by Art]

Your right it is very busy here. I am right now in the trows of a Kali Puja fire ceremony, You would like the fashion pice Im wearing. It takes a few days in order to activate the fire pitt so that on tuesday we can do justice to Kali and what ever she does besides cut head off ( Ego ) with her curved sword on a stick, aslso with the garland of heads around her neck and standing on Shiva who is pretending to be concord. well anyway there are a few capsuls that are being made for a few friends of ours who need yagyas to ade them in whatever problems they may have. I get to be involved with throwing a few highbiscus, bay leaves and a mixture of rice ghee and a black gram or something of that nature. while throwing them in I repeat some mantra over and over again for sometimes 108 times sometime 26 its all very hot of course.

Our cook we have is very good. She cooks a varity of dishes like rice and dahl, tomato chutney, kitury ( kind of like gumbo ) sqaush they call pumpkin, chappati, oreiental noddles, paneer different ways, and we have sweet yogurt very sweat for some reason, and many variations of those things sweater, spicier.

Suzy has taken up with a cat here in Nabadwip. It was beat up pretty bad and she nursed it back to health. Now it is bouncing around crying for fish. She calls it King tutt after yes the King from Egipt........


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