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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Installing Drush on Macports

Getting drush (the Drupal shell) to work on macports is a bit of a pain due to the php5/php52 conflict issue. Here's what I had to go through to get it to work:

$ sudo port install drush
--->  Computing dependencies for drushError: Unable to execute port: Can't install php52 because conflicting ports are installed: php5
Before reporting a bug, first run the command again with the -d flag to get complete output.
$ sudo port deactivate php5
$ sudo port install drush
$ sudo port deactivate php52
$ sudo port activate php5
$ sudo pear install Console_Table-1.1.3
$ drush

Xdebug requires Zend Engine API version 220090115.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact Derick Rethans at for a later version of Xdebug.

/opt/local/libexec/drush/includes/ Permission denied
Drush needs a copy of the PEAR Console_Table library in order to     [error]
function, and the attempt to download this file automatically failed.
To continue you will need to download the 1.1.3 package from, extract it, and copy the
Table.php file into Drush's directory as
Drush could not execute.                                             [error]

$  sudo cp /opt/local/PEAR/Console/Table.php /opt/local/libexec/drush/includes/
$ drush


Blogger charlie said...

awesome, thanks.

4:06 PM  
Blogger SonniesEdge said...

Just to note that you have to forcibly deactivate php52 with the -f flag, as it's a dependency of Drush:

sudo port -f deactivate php52

4:06 AM  

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