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Friday, January 18, 2008


every day there's a coffee guy who shows up with a scalding hot cup of saccharine-sweet caffeine in a demi-tasse sized paper cup. he shows up at 10am and 3pm.
initially i hated the coffee - i'm an all black sort: no sugar, no milk. this coffee is about 60% coffee, 20% milk, and 20% sugar.

today i realized that i was actually craving the coffee - i had to step away from my desk for a while and the coffee guy decided not to leave a cup in case it became too cold before i returned (now *that's* care for a product). i fortunately saw him in one of the hallways and before i could say anything he said (in tamil) - "i didn't want to leave your coffee to get cold, so i was trying to find you. if you are going back to your office i'll bring it there.".

btw, when i said this is scalding hot, i'm really not exaggerating - it's hot enough that it'll peel skin. i made the mistake of taking a rather big swig the first time and ended up with cap'n crunch mouth for a couple of days.

anyway, this is just a very nice perk to have, and i guess it's pretty standard in india, but nevertheless i'm thrilled :-)

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