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Thursday, January 31, 2008

a better school than most

I think I just read about the coolest school in the world. Schooling in India was a pathetic, moronic and altogether blighted endeavor. I think I learned almost nothing at most of the schools I attended, except for The School, part of the Theosophical Society, or the Krishnamurthy Foundation of India. The open nature of the education was really what made me realize what a school is supposed to be about: learning. Not proving that you're not as stupid as the teachers think you are. Or beating other students out and getting recognition for knowing the 10 use of dry ice. Or getting better grades so that you can prove that you're sufficiently qualified to join the teeming workforces that consider a job to be more important that seeing different aspects of their own country.

All that aside, I just read about a school that better The School in every way. I just read about it here: » The School that “Anna” built

Here's just a taste of the purpose of the school. In order to be admitted:
the child has to be a juvenile delinquent with a police record and
relevant papers or some one who has failed more than once in the same
class. The idea is not that children who are excelling should be
enrolled and the institution’s stature elevated but that children whom
society in one way or the other has discarded should be taken in hand
and reformed

My kind of place! I unfortunately don't qualify for any of these requirements, but without a doubt the graduates of this institution are going to change the world. The tried to in their own way, and managed to break "traditions" and "customs" to such a degree that attempts were made to rectify them.
I laud their work, and wish there were more institutions like it to help our society (especially the Indian one) become better.

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