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Friday, December 28, 2007

journalistic biases

i just went to the top story is about benazir bhutto's assassination. of the 5527 articles the first non-US coverage starts at article 60 -

i waited 5 minutes and refreshed to see how the spread might change. out of 1010 articles related to bhutto reuters india is now at 6, Sify at 11, NDTV at 12, Aljazeera at 13.

So in 5 minutes the world has started looking at the [more] local news outlets for more detail than the international.

this morning's time/cnn article had a picture of bush for the bhutto story (which i had screen-captured that, but alas did not). seemed somewhat indicative of the state of u.s. journalism. but then again, the ny times has a truly excellent piece (and some very good photos) of the event "bhutto is buried as pakistan reels".

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Blogger fredericknoronha said...

Not just US journalism, but global journalism is as bad. The problem is with the one-way dominantion of the news-flows... In the 1970s, we talked about the New International Information Order. Something everyone seems to have forgotten about since.

12:43 PM  

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