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Friday, December 14, 2007

Culture shocks

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: PodWorks

My brother just showed up with his iPhone and all his music on it. In the eternal wisdom of DRM, Apple has made it virtually impossible to get the music that he has purchased off his iPhone to a machine that we can play the tracks at his wedding. Annoying as all hell!

I figured there MUST be some bright hacker who has figured out how to pull stuff off the iPhone, but after a 4 hour search I gave up yesterday. Then this morning I decided to give it one last shot, and I find PodWorks. These guys are freaking brilliant. And the product costs $8. Eight freaking bucks. I mean eight measly clams. It's insane how good this program is, and $8 is just a ridiculously good price. I would probably have paid $20 (not that I'm suggesting they increase their price).

I you have an iPhone or iPod you MUST get yourself this program. It's awesome. AWESOME!!!

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