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Thursday, December 27, 2007

america calling desmond tutu

Mark Kleiman over at The Reality-Based Community: Truth and Reconciliation writes:
If a Democrat gets elected next year, he or she is going to have a
terrible hand to play. The economy is likely to be in a slowdown, with
the bad-housing-debt problem still looming. The foreign policy
situation certainly isn't going to get any better. And worst of all,
the new President will be inheriting an office discredited, and a set
of executive agencies ruined, by GWB and his fellow vandals. (read more)
I've thought about this for a while - it seems entirely ludicrous that any sane individual would wish to take on the US presidency at this time, for the reasons the article outlines. I only hope Kleiman's punchline pans out. I wonder if the US would even be capable of handling anything like the TRC when people are so polarized about the morons in power. It would be like India having a TRC to deal with the excesses of politicians - not bloody likely.

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