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Friday, August 10, 2007

Stirring the pot

No fool, not that kind of pot, dammit!
My friend Will recently stirred up some much needed interestingness (which I am beginning to synonymize with controversy) to Planet Fairfield (thanks John Reed for that term), by posting a review of one of the greatest restaurants that has ever existed in the known universe, and that includes the restaurant at the end of the universe: Vivo's. I'll give you a moment to allow the sarcasm to settle in.
Given the immense popularity of the aforementioned post on Will's blog (LivingInSmallSizes, which I think is a damn cool name BTW), I've come to the conclusion that people are completely out of their freaking minds. How, you ask? Ok, let me elucidate you children (that's supposed to be Chef's voice, just in case you were wondering).
Fairfield has been promoted by some of our more "colorful" (and I don't mean that in the NAACP way) denizens as having more restaurants per capita than San Francisco. At last count there is in the vicinity of 30 something food establishments in this town of 9400. I have no idea how that compares to SF, but NOWHERE in Fairfield comes even REMOTELY close to the kind of food I've had in SF. Except maybe Revelations, whose pizza is still pretty much the top of the heap around the country (if any reader of this post knows of a better place, let me know and I'll check it out: the closest I came was Il Vicino in Albuquerque).

Anyway, Will's review of Vivo's has caused Rob and me to lose our minds. We've made the bold and entirely irrational decision to test the strengths of our intestines by eating at EVERY food-service establishment in town at least once over the next however long it takes, and post our candid (and I mean CANDID) comments. I'll tell you up front that we're going to use the Steve Jobs bar - we're going to have the food either suck or not suck, and that's about it.
Why the fuck should you care? Well the coup de gras is going to be a colon cleanser that rob and I will be taking post gastronomic travails. And you'll get the full review of that as well just in case you're in need of, how shall I put it, a roto rooting?
When does this start? Well, pretty much right off. We'll first compile a list of the restaurants around town, and go down the list. I wonder if I need to include the Country Club in this - I heard the chef there was outstanding, but I've realized that people will eat stuffed goose livers and think it's heaven, so there's just no accounting for taste!


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