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Friday, August 10, 2007

On a roll

How the hell can I, a complete inept on the farming, grow tomatoes and arugula that taste better than anything I've ever purchased at any market? Why is it so hard to find decent produce?
But given that, Bob's barn still has the best damn peaches in this town, and that includes any organic peaches at Everybody's.
Just to give credit where it's due - whatever the hell the Maharishi Vedic Farms people are doing - playing classical Indian music to the plants, praying to them, toking up with the adolescent zucchini plants, reading poetry and dancing naked under full moons, or whatever else - something is working. The produce is the best I've had in this country. But *does* it have to cost as much as it does? I need to actually calculate if the price that is being charged by the organic growers in this town is realistic. I'm all for a fair wage, but come on: $2 for a single eggplant?! (but they taste SO good dammit!).


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