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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cabbage part 2

We wanted to take Warren out to dinner since it was so hard to get him to do anything, and we figured he might be slightly depressed due to not having his old MIU buds. So we made a booking at our favorite place in the city - the Savoy Cabbage.

We headed back to Capetown, took a nap (now a regular siesta/pranza-type thing),hooked up with Warren in Kemps Bay, which is just over the lower ridge of table mountain. The pic below gives you an idea of what this area looks like.

We met Warren's stepbrother Rupert and ex-girlfriend Sarah (probably the wrong name, but I just can't remember right now), after getting lost in Kemps bay and walking into the wrong restaurants a few times. Kemps bay is more Florida than California. Basically Capetown neighborhoods seem to vacillate between somewhere on the Florida/Mediterranean coast and California coast. The views are beautiful no matter where you are tho'!

After a couple of drinks, hanging about and berating Warren, we headed back to Hout and Buitengracht for, we hoped, a meal that would blow these guys away.

I've come to realize that the universe is not always on my side. I've got a tendency to hype stuff up because I'm very excited by my first experience with finding something new. Turns out not everybody shares in the enthusiasm, but also that the 2nd try often doesn't come up to par. As is probably obvious by now, the Savoy Cabbage did not meet the high expectations that we had set for it given the first encounter we had.

The chef had been gracious enough to create a different vegetarian entree for us - cabbage rolls. They were better than they sound, but not as good as we expected. Basically the high point in the evening was the wine and the fact that we could all just hang out. Warren's take on the tomato tart that we had initially thought was magnificent was that it looked like a cartoon. Also, the adzuki bean dish that we were initially so taken in by had fallen from its pedestal - the beans were hard, and the flavor was lacking. The game dish that Rupert ordered was also not all that, so all in all it was a wash. Maybe it was a bad night, so I'd still recommend the place for those visiting Capetown.

We headed to the Buena Vista Social Cafe after dinner, mainly because Rupert smokes and I could have a cigar smoking buddy. Rupert was nice enough to buy me a Cuban cigar (a Cifuentes V). I'm not a cigar smoker, so I have no idea what all the buzz about Cubans is - at least this one was not all that pleasant. Rupert's cherry flavord drum cigarettes was a better smoke than the cigar. But the mojito was still good!


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