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Monday, February 28, 2005

Yuppie bastard scum

Most major cities around the globe have two worlds - the tourist and the local. There's intersection between the two, but unless you're a local you don't know the cool hangout spots or the places that are just a total ripoff. The Long Street hangouts are a mix of the local and touristy. If you go further up towards Table Mountain (where Long becomes Kloof), there are some places that are away from the madness, and are quite cool. It's a sad realization I've come to that when I say cool, it's read "yuppie". Yuppie bastard scum that I am, we're attracted to the places that the yuppie bastard scums hang out. Teh way to find the underground scene in the US is to find the local alterative paper. In Chicago it's the Chicago Reader. In LA it's the LAWeekly. In Capetown I could not find the altera-rag. We did run into something called Capetown Secrets - a glossy that seemed like it was designed purely by advertisers. Seemed to do the trick, since everything in this paper was yup central :-)

We found out about Asoka, a place Warren had taken us to a couple of days back; and also about a place I kept seeing at Green Point called Buena Vista Social Cafe. Turns out they have live Cuban jazz on Monday nights, so that's where we headed. BVSC is a dinner place that has great mojito's, Cuban cigars, and a pretty laid-back atmosphere. Nice place to chill for a few hours, esp. when there's live music. The band was a black guy on guitar and vocals, a brown guy (Portuguese?) on congas and a white guy on sax. They smoked! The singer was outstanding. I just wish I had gotten their names or something, coz I managed to fuck up recording them! Took my mp3 recorder, and somehow managed to put it on line-in recording (again!) instead of mic-in. I figured I should try a Cuban cigar, given that they're so lauded, and they're illegal in the US. But I'm more of a social smoker and drinker, and without a partner in crime (Jonii wouldn't smoke), it's just not that enjoyable. I guess I could have gone to one of the other tables, struck up a conversation and smoked a cohiba with the boys, but I didn't want to come across as an idiot!


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