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Friday, February 11, 2005

on the road agin' ... doh!

as usual, we forgot something. but let's start with the fact that the awareness of the forgetting did not arrive until we were well out into the suburbs and the car was already parked at my work! and we forgot the most important thing of all - the pointit book, which, unfotunately i can't find a link for (i'll upload pics when i return), and the garbage. not that we needed to take the latter with us or anything, tho' i'm sure that thought crossed your seedy minds. but the point-it book is indispensible! especially with our excellent spanish skills!

anyway, we're back home after having checked in all our luggage, and decided we may as well take a shower while we're at it - it's been 8 hours since we awoke, and the rankness is setting in.

btw, i gotta say thank goodness for the tm movement - we think we've got friends in madrid and pretoria - at the tm centers. we'll update with word on how exactly those individuals turn out. jonii talked spanish with the guy (luis) in madrid, and he thought she knew what she was saying. so he started speaking spanish as tho' to a native and jonii was rifling through the spanish phrase-book as fast as she

anyway things are set, and we're headed back to the airport! and this time we're really leaving!!


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